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Fascial Recoil



a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process
Oxford Dictionary


Interested in developing the body to harness your inner spring?  Come and learn a series of sequenced movements designed around the concept of minimal energy principle Vs maximal energy principle.  

Ari-Pekka, in collaboration with Anatomy Trains, plays with the foundation movements of swinging and shifting through dynamic control – the principles when outside of neutral stability.

The more you can disperse the movement across the entire system – the greater access to power, strength and speed.




  • restores fluidity and relative glide of the tissues
  • optimizes blood and lymph flow
  • balances the autonomous nervous system
  • teaches you to listen and screen the body before developing exercises
  • prepares tissues – adhesions and sensitivity through the myofascia, enhances proprioception and joints
  • structures are designed to glide with different speeds in relation to each other
  • creates recoil between the body segments inside the movement


The Studio will teach you sequenced movements designed for a specific Anatomy Train meridian with intent on progressions of speed and load.

Flow unloaded ; Flow loaded ; Recoil slow ; Recoil fast

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