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Kimberley Wood

Kimberley Wood has been practising the Anatomy Trains brand of Structural Integration (formerly KMI) since 2011.  She commenced her training in the UK under the direction of James Earls and in August 2016 became a fully qualified Structural Integrator in the first Australian KMI Certification, led by Lou Benson,  John Smith and Julie Hammond.

In February 2017,  Kimberley had the privilege  of learning advanced techniques under the tutelage of Thomas Myers himself.

Prior to initiation into manual therapy, Kimberley was exploring the Anatomy Trains concepts within the movement realm of The Studio by Kimberley Wood.

After completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science at UWA, Kimberley keeps her mind keen and body challenged by workshops, including but not limited to: OD on Movement by Ian O’Dwyer, Art of Motion – Karin Gurtner, Ido Portal – Movement X & Motion, and Anatomy Trains in Training – AriPekka Lindberg.

Kimberley holds certifications in Reformer, Ball and Floor through Pilates Institute of Australasia under Allan Menezes – whose mentor of the Method was Alan Herdmann in the UK – and has had the honour of spending time with a leader in the industry, Barbara Mayr, at her Pilates Akademie in Austria, Vienna.

Kimberley was part of the first fascial dissection held in Australia.  Under the direction of Jason Kiely and Julie Hammond,  Kimberley spent 12 weeks learning dissection techniques, with the focus on connective tissue and its properties, adhesions and connections in each layer of the human body.

Kimberley has had the opportunity to work with marathon runners, a Brownlow medallist, state runners, amateur soccer and beach volleyball players, dancers and footballers.

She has had experience working with the Rugby Academy and UWA rugby colts, under direction of Matt Shields, delivering movement sessions designed around balance, mobilisation and efficiency and seeks to educate on the adaptability of a young athletes body.

Individually, Kimberley incorporated active fascial release and KMI techniques to lift biomechanical compensations which may be limiting the players potential.

Kimberley is thrilled to add ATSI  to her repertoire of skills and looks forward to the journey within the Bodywork industry.


Bachelor Science Exercise & Health – UWA
Assistant to Jason Kiely in Anatomy Wetlab – UWA
Fascial Dissection Perth UWA – Jason Kiely & Julie Hammond
Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) – James Earls, Lou Benson & Julie Hammond
Board Certified with International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI)
Anatomy Trains in Training – Ari Pekka Lindberg
Muscles Balance Analysis – Al Skrobisch
oD on Movement – Ian O’Dwyer & Australian Institute of Fitness
Movement X – Ido Portal 
Pilates Akademie, Vienna – Barbara Mayr
Cert IV Training & Assessment
Anatomy & Physiology Lecturer for Diploma of PPI
PIA Floor, Ball & Reformer – Allan Menezes
Motion – Ido Portal
PIA Reformer – Allan Menezes
Toning Balls & Props – Art of Motion

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