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ATSI 12 Series

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) is a 12 session protocol designed around Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains and stems from the pioneering work of Ida P. Rolf.

It consists of deep, slow fascial and myofascial manipulation which encourages the freeing and repositioning of the fascial fabric.  This is coupled with movement re-education and integration of movement patterns, so the new alignment becomes part of who you are,  not something you have to work at or repeatedly see a practitioner to maintain.

  • The first four sessions – differentiating the superficial sleeves of the fascia and muscles or lifting of the superficial compensations
  • The second four – ‘core sessions’ or opening the deeper structures
  • The third four – ‘integration sessions’ or balancing of the lines

Did you know that the word ‘posture’ comes from the Latin verb ‘ponere’ meaning – ‘to put or place’?

Tension and compression or ‘push and pull’ – when the body becomes unbalanced, compensations occur to remain upright.  This can lead to high energy demands/output as the body struggles to deal with the muscle and fascia – and eventually bone and joint – being under constant strain.

ATSI works at lifting, unwinding and reconstructing held tension patterns in the locomotor system to balance the myofascial meridians  throughout your body – in the words of Thomas Myers, “restores the natural settings for ease, fluidity and harmony.”

Back ache - isolated with clipping path

  • Are you placing your structure into a ‘held posture’?
  • How much energy is your system using to keep you there?
  • Gravity has an effect everywhere on earth – why not us?
  • How can we recycle our energy to reduce the burnout?




We are looking to encourage an awareness in your muscles, nervous system and structure of the availability of SPACE – Are you using it? Can you feel it? Can we move there?  What would it feel like to embody that space in our daily life?

ATSI is a journey – we welcome you to begin the process of educating your body about the mind!

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