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“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old.  IF it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”
Joseph Pilates

Pilates @ The Studio is a dynamic, balanced sequence of exercises which incorporates the Anatomy Train concepts into integrated and fluid movement.

Check out original footage of Josephs’ pilates sessions!

Of course,  in the words of Ido Portal – training begins with isolation, moves into integration and challenges with improvisation.

Sessions at The Studio are by appointment only so as to keep the level consistent.

Abdominal Muscles

New generation learning methods!Get an inside look at the Abdominal muscles.A MUST for every anatomy student or teacher.Get it NOW: more: Strength Training version: version:…/muscular-anatomy-app/

Posted by Muscle and Motion on Monday, 12 December 2016

How familiar are you with your abdominals???

The Studio is Pilates Institute of Australasia associated, which is an athletic brand of Pilates.  This is not to be confused with Physio/Clinical or Contemporary Pilates.

Any acute injuries or limitations need to be assessed and treated by a Physio and signed off before commencing at The Studio.

Currently all spots are filled for Pilates training.  However, please express interest via the form below.

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