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What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration (SI) is an advanced form of bodywork that seeks to reorganise the body’s connective tissues restoring it to its natural balance, alignment, length and ease.  SI is unique in that it achieves this through the manipulation of fascia, the scaffolding system that supports and connects every cell in the body.

Fascia is the continuous, three dimensional web of connective tissue found throughout your body.  Connective tissue explains itself. It’s the tissue that connects and impermeates muscle, organs, blood vessels and nerves. When hydrated and undamaged, fascia surrounds, cushions, protects, stores energy, separates & melds.

Your fascia reacts to injuries, repetitive movment patterns and chronic pain.  The web can thicken, shorten and compress becoming more like a glue than a gel.  This can impart a strain on your body in a number of directions.

Robert Schleip on Fascia

Thomas Myers on Connective Tissue

The Studio uses movement and manual therapies to enhance organisation and adaptability within the body through identifying imbalances and restrictions within the neuromyofascial meridians.

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